3 Simple Reasons Behind Google's New Mobile Search Ranking


Guest post by Dale Knoop, Founder/CEO of RAZ Mobile

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When I have spoken about this topic with nonprofits it seems to get their attention more than other topics like lost donations from using a PC form for a mobile donor. The topic of which I speak is one I’ve blogged about here and it’s the Google search rank change that goes into effect on April 21 2015. As a refresher, if your primary web domain does not have a “mobile-friendly” version per Google’s mobile search bot software program your domain will get demoted in search rank.

As a Google employee remarked at a nonprofit event I attended about 3 weeks ago put it “If you’re not on the first page of search results on a mobile phone, you don’t exist.”

Perhaps a bit harsh but the point remains-never risk your nonprofit not being found. So why’s Google doing this? Here’s 3 simple reasons.

Reason 1 – Google’s business requires it.
Google competes just like everyone. If search via Google on a mobile phone consistently yielded PC sites Google search would be pretty much useless. Who likes navigating PC sites on their mobile phone and for nonprofits, most importantly, who likes making gifts on their phone via a donation page meant for a PC?

Reason 2 – Google is trying to spur a response to a trend.
Calling the shift from the PC to the mobile for primary internet access a trend is an understatement. Face it-the mobile phone is taking over for the PC as the primary internet device globally. Period. Google is trying to get everyone to see this and they’re trying to elicit a response. All nonprofits (and for profits) need a great mobile experience today. Google’s simply saying the time is now.

Reason 3 – Seconds on mobile make all the difference.
No one likes waiting. I am especially prone to short amounts of patience and when you add in the fact that mobile phones share the airwaves with other phones, waiting for web sites to load is partly about the site and partly about wireless coverage. Google looks at this and says “I can serve more people if I can get them what they want in seconds.” It’s Google’s way of trying to free up airwaves in seconds not minutes.

As your nonprofit absorbs this new Google search situation starting on April 21 I hope that mobile jumps up in priority. As we see an average gift of close to $130 and increased giving by 30% for some of our customers, Google should be thanked for ushering in the importance of being mobile-optimized.

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